Orange County Japan Karate Association
Orange County Japan Karate Association
Wondering what to do with your 6+ year old
child or teenager this summer?
Here's your solution: 
A Fun and Highly Educational Traditional Karate Summer Camp
Near You
Hosted at OC Japan Karate Assoc. Facility in Lake Forest, July 9th-July 13th, 9:30am-12noon
No experience necessary!!
Camp highlights and incredible benefits:
  • Learn & Cultivate Social Behavior and Values. Our camp is much more than about self-defense. We will teach your child about social manners, being courteous and being respectful.
  • Life Skills.We teach your child how to be brave and how to handle their own fears, regardless of the situation.
  • Self-Defense. In todays' school environment where bullying is common place, give your child the confidence to navigate peacefully through conflicts at school and anywhere else!
  • Japanese Culture. This summer camp will enrich your child by being exposed to the Japanese culture, language and food!
Camp Dates: July 9th-July 13th, 9:30am-12noon
20761 Lake Forest Dr Ste D, Lake Forest, CA 92630
All Ages 6 and above are welcome - No experience necessary!
Special Early Bird Pricing!! Join before June 27th!! 
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Real photos from our recent camp

..he also teaches "life lessons" that I hope my daughter will remember forever ..

"Sensei is a wonderful instructor. I am so glad we chose this dojo. Sensei not only teaches the Karate techniques, he also teaches "life lessons" that I hope my daughter will remember forever."
Danielle Levenstein

..He does a great job teaching the kids skills, instilling respect ..

"Sensei is such a great teacher. It always amazes me how he manages to divide his attention so well amongst the class. He is fantastic with the kids. He does a great job teaching the kids skills, instilling respect and making karate fun. I have a 9 year old and she loves going to class."
Kristy Owens
A unique experience with a unique teacher
You might be wondering who's the chief leader of this camp?

We are honored to introduce you to a real Karate teacher and master who has a unique view of the art and it's place in modern, western lifestyle, Sensei Albert Cheah.

Sensei (teacher in Japanese) Cheah has been teaching for the past 40 years and has a unique insight on how Karate can be instrumental and beneficial as a daily practice that harmonizes our mind and body to create a happier, more peaceful life.

It's not just about self-defense. It's about being healthier, more peaceful and relaxed in our daily lives which promotes a more fulfilled lifestyle in today's hectic and stressful pace.

Sensei Cheah mission is to make a positive difference and impact on kids and adults of all ages through his insightful application of the centuries old philosophy behind Karate to our modern an hectic lives.

Sensei Cheah is world-renowned for his achievements and stature and is often invited to teach around the world. 

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